HERO: Heroin Education to Resist Opiates
Awareness project to educate family and friends on the signs of heroin and opiate use. Helping with prevention.

Current Goals

  1. To raise community awareness.
  2. To teach parents, family, friends how to spot evidence of opiate use and how to help the user.
  3. To offer gateways to knowledge and recovery. Teach prevention skills.
  4. To encourage user to be honest and open with opiate use, encourage user to seek help. Help user find appropriate care for substance abuse.
  5. To provide a structured environment where families can confront user in a polite calm and productive manner.

Possible Future Goals

  1. Provide free drug test for suspicious family’s and supply at risk family’s with NARCAN.
  2. Provide detailed evidence of statistics in town of use and deaths etc (involve local police).
  3. Have an area to allow attendees to give solid leads to police of suspected activity, use/sales/dealers places of use.
  4. Provide counselors and treatment center representation, allowing information and support. Provide direction in how and where to seek treatment.
  5. Have an open forum where users, recovered users, friends and family can discuss experiences with heroine and opiate use. Allow time to remember those who lost their life to this battle.
  6. Allow guest speakers.
  7. Raise funds to help with the expenses of specific law enforcement cost of prevention etc.
  8. Raise funds for additional awareness events.
  9. Raise funds to help facilitate treatment.

Future plans include fundraising events possibly with music venues, or involving other community groups and young people, as a way to connect with those who are afflicted and feel they have nowhere to turn for answers.